Plasma cutting of metal


Plasma cutting metal works like a simple arc, but without the use of usual electrodes. But the effectiveness of the treatment is directly proportional to the thickness of the material being processed.

As with any other form of thermal treatment, when plasma cutting metal occurs a certain melting of the metal, which affects the quality of cutting. There are other peculiarities that are characteristic of this method. Namely:

The use of plasma torches is in vain to be so popular. With a relatively simple operation and a small amount of manual installation (in comparison with other cutting equipment), it is possible to achieve high performance in terms of cutting quality.

The basic principle of the plasma cutting of a metal can be described as follows:

  1. Compressor under pressure supplies air to the plasma torch burner.
  2. The air flow instantly warms up due to the effect of electric current on it. As the heating air mass begins to pass through itself electricity, resulting in the formation of plasma. In some models, instead of air, inert gases are used.
  3. Plasma rupture, if we consider it in more detail, is carried out by the method of rapid narrow-directed heating of the surface to the required temperature, followed by the blowing of molten metal.
  4. When performing work inevitably formed waste from plasma cutting. Wastes include carving or residue of the sheet after the cut of the required parts, as well as scale or residue of molten metal.

We offer the cutting of sheet metal rolling on the installation of plasma cutting.

Our advantages:

  • Cutting thickness using a plasma cutting: 1 … 20 mm
  • gas-oxygen cutting: 20 … 100 mm
  • the possibility of cutting sheets in the size of 2000h6000 mm
  • Minimal dilution and cost of parts at the expense of an optimal cutting of the sheet
  • Possibility to order parts of the cut from your material
  • high precision and cutting speed.

Used for cutting
system of plasma and gas cutting Hypertherm Powermax 105.

Plasma cutting of metal

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